A Club Member can make up a Martin Rotary Club Meeting in the Following Ways:

  1. Attending a club meeting at a different Rotary club.
  1. Watching the missed Martin Rotary club meeting’s presentation online at the club’s website (on the ‘Meeting Videos’ page) or another club’s website (such as Seattle’s). Please note that not all meeting presentations are videotaped.
  1. Attending Martin Rotary club special called meetings and events, including:
    1. Regularly Scheduled Board Meetings
    2. Rotary Committee Meetings
    3. UT Martin Rotaract Meetings and events
    4. Martin Rotary Fundraisers
    5. Inter-Club Meetings (Like “Meet-in-the-Middle” during Soybean Festival)
    6. And other club events as announced by the club.  Please note: the club leadership will notify the club that the upcoming event will be a make-up opportunity.
    7. Westview High School Interact meetings and events
  1. Attending or participating in a community event while you are visibly representing the Martin Rotary Club, for example, by wearing your Rotary shirt or your Rotary pin. Example events included in this category would be:
    1. Community Fundraiser (such as Relay For Life, etc.)
    2. Important Community Meetings
    3. Leadership Weakley County Meetings
    4. WestStar Meetings

5.  Visit the Rotary International Website and follow the procedure for making up a meeting with an official Rotary e-Club. You can find out how here.


Meeting Make-Ups are now self-reported on our weekly meeting sign-in sheet.