Here are some videos of past meetings. Please note that we don’t necessarily video every meeting.

You can get earn a meeting make-up by watching one of these videos. After watching a video of a meeting that you did not attend in person, if you are a member of Martin Rotary, then just click the link below the video to get the make-up. If you are a member of another Rotary club, simply inform your club secretary that you have watched one of our videos as a meeting make-up.

There is also an excellent video archive of the Seattle Rotary club which may also be used for meeting make-ups. This is particularly useful if you missed a meeting that we did not provide a video for.

After watching any video below, click here to get a meeting makeup

Video Archive – 2016
Video Archive – 2015
Video Archive – 2014
Video Archive – 2013
Video Archive – 2012
Video Archive – 2011
February 23, 2017 – “4-Way Test Speech Contest”