Meeting Make-ups

A Club Member can make up a Martin Rotary Club Meeting in the Following Ways:

Attending a club meeting at a different Rotary club.
Watching the missed Martin Rotary club meeting’s presentation online at the club’s website (on the ‘Meeting Videos’ page)
Watching a Rotary club meeting’s presentation online at another club’s website (such as Seattle’s).
Attending Martin Rotary club special called meetings and events, including:

  • Regularly Scheduled Board Meetings
  • Rotary Committee Meetings
  • UT Martin Rotaract Meetings and events
  • Martin Rotary Fundraisers
  • Inter-Club Meetings (Like “Meet-in-the-Middle” during Soybean Festival
  • And other club events as announced by the club.
    *Please note: the club leadership will notify the club that the upcoming event will be a make-up opportunity.
  • Westview High School Interact meetings and events

Attending or participating in a community event while you are visibly representing the Martin Rotary Club, for example, by wearing your Rotary shirt or your Rotary pin. Example events included in this category would be:

  • Community Fundraiser (such as Relay for Life, etc.)
  • Important Community Meetings
  • Leadership Weakley County Meetings
  • WestStar Meetings

Visit the Rotary eClub One Website and follow the procedure for making up a meeting with an official Rotary e-Club. You can find out how here.